First Steps: Why You Should Learn Spanish

Deciding to learn Spanish is the first step on an interesting journey. You may be wondering if this is the right choice. Let’s go through some reasons why you should learn Spanish:


  1. Writing is Spanish is very easy. You write the way you speak. If you can pronounce a word, you can probably figure out how to spell it.



  1. It helps you to learn English. Studying another language helps you to learn the names of verb tenses, sentence structures and other grammar words. As you build your vocabulary in Spanish, you may learn new words in your own language that you didn’t know before.


  1. With Spanish, you can see the Amazon river, the Amazon Rainforest, the Mayan ruins, Macchu Picchu, Easter Island and many other sites. You can have your fill of rich architecture, historical villages, beautiful rivers and more.



  1. Many companies are looking to leverage the global market, and expand in places like South America. Spanish is even a language of the United Nations. (United Nations, 2017) If you’re interested in taking your business or your work to the next level, Spanish could be your next step.


  1. You get a new personality. Really! When you speak a new language, it changes the way you communicate. As you start to speak with more Spanish speakers and spend time in the culture you choose, you learn what to say and how to connect with people on a deeper level.
Tacica Bryan, MPC is a communications professional, voice talent and social media enthusiast. She is passionate about helping companies to build their voice and improve their brand. In her spare time, she does voiceover and audio production, builds her communication skills, learns new languages, and enjoys a good game of Connect Four. Her educational background includes an Honours BA in Communication Studies from York University and a Master’s Degree in Professional Communication (MPC) from Ryerson University.



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